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The First Day of School 2018

Posted on September 6

Shoes polished, hair freshly trimmed, uniforms looking crisp and fresh - the year began with happy students coming back to enjoy another year at SBS. Our new kindergarten students were thrilled with the good weather, the playground, and the whole experience of starting school. The rest of us just enjoyed being back. It was a splendid day, all around!

Grade Six Graduation

Posted on June 20

On June 14 our Graduating Class was celebrated with family, friends and faculty together. Each student gave a speech, and their words were thoughtful, unique, and caring. They looked so grown up! It was delightful to hear their memories and thoughts about their time SBS. And we all had great fun at the party afterwards.

We congratulate our students on their acceptances into schools for Grade Seven. Our grads will join UCC, Havergal, de la Salle, St Andrew's College, St Clements, Branksome Hall, Royal St George's, Greenwood, York School and Bessborough. We are very proud of them and wish them well in their new adventures.

Year End Celebration | Art Show

Posted on June 5

Yesterday evening SBS parents and teachers come together to enjoy Art, Appreciation, Wine & Cheese, and great conversation. It is so important to say our thank yous to the many parents for their contribution to school life each year. You all make such a big difference for our students, and for us.

The annual Student Art Show highlights one piece of art from each student in the school. Other students come to the show, and make comments on their peers' work, adding another level of meaning to the Art Show.

Parents view the wonderful display in our Arts Studio, as they enjoy themselves for a social evening to celebrate the end of another great SBS year.

GR 6 goes to Brock Youth University

Posted on May 29

Finishing off the year with the excursion to science camp is a fabulous experience for our GR 6 students.

The class spent three days exploring the Brock University campus, spending time learning in labs, and finishing with a wonderful dance on this unique and fun grad trip. Our goal is to offer the class a fun ending to their time together, while providing a meaningful glimpse into what they are working towards as they go through school.

For our Grads the trip also leads into Graduation, our annual send-off of our senior students as they head out into the world of middle school. We are proud of all they have achieved, and we know they are ready to move on. We are thrilled to send them off, but also more than a little sad to see them go. There is something both sweet and wistful about the end of another school year.

Annual Musical

Posted on May 22

Beauty and the Beast was a hit, and played to a sold out audience both nights. From GR 1 to GR 6 all our students performed with enthusiasm, using their talent and hard work to create a magical theatre experience for their families.

Our thanks to all the volunteers who helped make the show a success for our students.

Author visit JK - GR 2

Posted on May 22

Author visits here at school enrich children's understanding of literature, how books come to be, and the process of writing and creating a book. We are so fortunate that our Sunnybrook Parent Association sponsors author visits each year.

Nasreem Hrab gave a lively presentation, including a creative activity for our younger students. Taking home a book of their own signed by the author was the perfect ending to a wonderful morning.



Posted on May 14

The annual musical is a highlight of the school year at SBS and we are presenting Beauty and the Beast in May. Our musical is a community effort, with parents helping our teachers and students at all stages of the process. Preparations always begin with Rotations, when students move from activity to activity in the school, making props and sets, learning their choreography, practicing lines, making programs and more. We began with the first of 3 rotations on May 1st. After rotations rehearsals begin as we approach Opening Night. We are so excited to see another show come together!


GR 2 Kortright

Posted on May 14

Our Grade 2 class is in the middle of their Tree Unit. To discover more about trees, they took a trip to the Kortright Centre, and found so much more than trees. The frogs were a definite highlight. It was a fabulous trip!


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