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Sunnybrook Class of 2021

Congratulations to our graduating class of 2021. You have worked so hard this year shifting between remote learning and in person. You all have such promise and you will achieve your aspirations! Good luck at your new schools.

Chicks Hatched at SBS

Over the past several weeks, the Junior Kindergarten class has been learning the journey of life from fertilized egg to live hatching. The students have watched the eggs being turned in the incubator, to hatching and now taking care of the chicks. Every student in the class had the opportunity to visit the chicks at their teachers’ house. The chicks will be delivered to a local farmer soon.

Watch the video of the experience

Matilda Musical

The MATILDA premiere virtual event was released on Thursday June 3rd. For the first time ever, all of the SBS students were featured singing the songs and they were also choreographed in one special routine. All the rehearsals were conducted over zoom and all covid protocols were followed to create this masterpiece. All children were individually filmed either on zoom or at the school. Enjoy the showI

Red Carpet Link :

Matilda Premiere Link :

Deb Ridpath Ohi Visits SBS

Today author/illustrator, Deb Ridpath Ohi, visited the GR 3,4,5 class to discuss her book, “Gurple and Preen”. She gave a very enthusiastic presentation of an illustrator’s process and walked through a couple of activities with the students. In minutes they created characters that they could use in a story. It was a fun way to start the morning and get the creative juices flowing.

Beach Party Day

The staff and students had a beach party today! Everyone came dressed ready for the beach and had their favourite beach as virtual screens. We “travelled” all around the world…..including Bikini Bottom Beach……..and some were even chased by sharks!!! It was a fun way to end the week and get ready for the long weekend.

Author Visit – Rukhsana Khan

The Grade 6 class had the honour to hear Rukhsana Khan present her book, THE ROSES IN MY CARPET. “A young Afghan describes his grim life in the refugee camp where he lives with his mother and younger sister . . . One day his sister is hit by a truck. That night, after learning that she will survive, he dreams of jets crossing the sky and dropping bombs, but unlike his earlier nightmares of suffering a direct hit, he now dreams that the three find a space “the size of a carpet” where no bombs can strike.” It was an inspiring presentation.

Waste Warrior

For Earth week, the Grade one class was challenged to help the Earth and be PLANET PROTECTORS. Hunter, decided he would be a Waste Warrior and he picked up trash found on the side of the road near his cottage. Thanks Hunter for your initiative!!

Shine A Light

Saturday May 1st is “SHINE A LIGHT” in honour of Doctors’ Day. At 9:00 pm tomorrow, shine a light to tribute the thousands of doctors and front line workers that are working even harder these days to support Ontario. At Sunnybrook, every child produced a “STAR” with a quote on it, to recognize their star in their world right now. We posted the stars in the front windows of the school to celebrate and give thanks to our front line workers! Drive by the school to see all the stars from SBS.

Speaker Night: Paul Davis

Last week Paul Davis joined the SBS community to present about  SOCIAL NETWORKING AND ONLINE SAFETY. Paul has been seen on CTV, CBC, Breakfast Television and TED talk. Paul discussed phone and online safety, digital trails, cyber bullying, texting, and image sharing. His two rules:
Rule #1 – Respect the rules and wait until 13 years old to be on social media
Rule #2 – No technology in children’s bedroom

Author Visit – Loretta Garbutt

The Parents Association hosted an Author Visit this week for JK-Grade 2 classes. Ms Garbutt came to present her new book “A Stopwatch From Grandpa”. It was a lovely presentation about how to remember someone you love. She also shared the illustrator’s pictures and color palate with the students. It was interesting to hear the thought process behind creating a story.