Latest Updates

Book Character Day – 2021

Our SPA sponsored FUN FRIDAY and PIZZA today! The students had the opportunity to dress up as their favourite literary character. There were many Harry Potters, Ms Frizzle, Narwhal and Jelly and lots of Ninja’s!! The perfect way to end the week.

Happy Diwali

Students celebrated Diwali at SBS. Classes decorated Diyas, read books and shared stories with their peers. It was a wonderful day.

Rock Climbing 2021

SBS had a 24 foot rock climbing wall come to the school so that the Grade 4,5,6 students could climb the wall right in front of the school. What risk takers we have!!!

Wellness Sessions

Today the students participated in a mental wellness session. The activities promoted communication skills, resiliency, and a healthy attitude. The students had an opportunity to recharge, laugh together and foster a supportive community and a sense of belonging.

Terry Fox Run / Founder’s Day 2021

It was a great day for participating in the Terry Fox Run. We had fun running together in outdoor cohorts, followed by a picnic, and popsicles. Thank you to all the volunteers who came out and helped cheer the children on. Thank you to Mrs Davy for joining our virtual assembly about Founder’s Day and sharing her memories from being principal for 32 years!

National Truth and Reconciliation Day

Today is a day when we honour the Indigenous people who were sent away to residential schools in Canada when they were children by wearing an Orange Shirt.
Orange Shirt Day represents the orange shirt that Phyllis Webstad wore on her first day of school in 1973 at St. Joseph’s Residential School in British Columbia. When Phyllis arrived at the residential school the staff cut her hair and forced her to remove the orange shirt and wear the school’s uniform. The orange shirt was never returned to Phyllis. The colour orange has always reminded Phyllis that she and all the children in the residential schools did not matter. Her story is at the core of the message represented by Orange Shirt Day – “All Children Matter.”  

Essential Agreement Writing

The grade 4/5/6 students worked together in small groups to decide the most important “rules” to follow to make the school safe for all of the students. They then ranked them in order of importance – much negotiating happened.

Photo Day 2021

For many families the most important keepsake of the school year is the school photo. And big smiles are what make them so special. As you can see, there were some very big smiles this year!

First Day of School 2021

The year began with happy students coming back to enjoy another year at SBS. We are so happy to be in person again this year. Our new kindergarten students were thrilled with the good weather, the playground, and the whole experience of starting school. The rest of us just enjoyed being back. It was a splendid day, all around!

Sunnybrook Class of 2021

Congratulations to our graduating class of 2021. You have worked so hard this year shifting between remote learning and in person. You all have such promise and you will achieve your aspirations! Good luck at your new schools.