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April Fools Day 2020

Posted on April 2

Eventhough the students are learning remotely from home, they still have their sense of humour. The grade one students played a prank on their teacher and showed up to their zoom circle all wearing moustaches!! What a fun way to start the month of April!

Virtual Staff Meeting

Posted on March 23

Today for the first time, we held a "virtual" staff meeting using ZOOM. SBS is closed due to the COVID-19 and offering on line learning to our students. Definitely a different start to term three.

Geography Challenge 2020

Posted on March 6

A highlight of the Spring Term at Sunnybrook is the Annual SBS Geography Challenge, which will take place in April. Before the break we gather all our students from Grades Four, Five and Six to participate in the qualifying round.

Our geographers had great results, and we actually did not have to go to a tie breaker. In the end, Grant/GR 4, Heidi/GR 5 and Jack/GR 6 are our finalists for the big inter school Geography Challenge. Congratualtions to all of you!

Student Led Conferences Exhibition 2020

Posted on February 28

Today was a special day in the school. Student Led Conferences offer a meaningful and powerful way for parents to learn about their children's progress. Beginning in JK students and parents sit together for up to an hour. During this time the students share their learning in all areas of the curriculum. This includes their regular studio work such as math, language and Units of Inquiry. They also demonstrate their learning in French, Music and Phys Ed during their conference.
During the SLC day, our Grade Six class holds it's PYP Exhibition, "THE CHANGING MIND". This is always a wonderful days in the school, a true celebration of student learning.


Chocolate Bark Event 2020

Posted on February 20

The SPA put together a wonderful Valentine's Event.  Chef, Julie Montgomery,  came in and made chocolate bark and bon bons with many families.  The students were able to decorate the bark with lots of toppings to take home.  While the bark was setting, the families had an oppourtunity to watch chef Julie Montgomery win the Halloween Baking Contest.  It was a sweet way to spend time on Saturday afternoon.

Wacky Hair Day 2020

Posted on February 20

The SPA hosted a Wacky Hair and Pizza Day at Sunnybrook. Kids and teachers wore some very creative hair styles to support the Red Cross Australian Wildfires. Thanks for a fun and wacky day!

Ski Day 2020

Posted on January 20

Ski Day was a hit again this year. The buses left at 7:15 am filled with excited young skiers, parents and teachers. All our students had 2 hour lessons in the morning and time to ski together after lunch. It was a sunny day and it was a success all around. Just in time for dismissal the buses returned with a load of happy, tired students and their chaperones.
Everyone was happy with skiing at Dagmar and we thank them for their excellent care and service throughout the day.


Special thanks to the teachers and parents who work so hard to make ski day so special for our students every year!

SK Winter Concert

Posted on December 19

The SK class presented Fa La La Land.  We were so proud of our students' performances as the show was spectacular. The SK students sang their hearts out and adted their roles beautifully. The costumes were wonderful, making for a splendid show full of holiday spirit. Thanks to everyone who helped make it such a success.


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