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Chocolate bark family Event

Posted on February 11

The SPA put together a wonderful Valentine's Event.  Two chocolate chefs came in and made chocolate bark and truffles with many families.  The students were able to decorate the bark with lots of toppings and then decorate truffles to take home as well.  While the bark was setting, the families had an oppourtunity to learn about chocolate.  It was a sweet way to spend time on Saturday afternoon.

Spelling Bee 2019

Posted on February 9

The Spelling Bee is an annual event and a cherished tradition at SBS. Finalists from each grade from GR 1-6 blew us away with their spelling prowess! An excellent competition - with a very supportive crowd - our 2019 winners were:

  • Grade 1 | Keaton
  • Grade 2 | Isla
  • Grade 3 | Nicholas
  • Grade 4 | Sophie
  • Grade 5 | Ariya
  • Grade 6 | Dexter


Ski Day 2019

Posted on January 28

Ski Day was a hit again this year. The buses left at 7:15 am filled with excited young skiers, parents and teachers. All our students had 2 hour lessons in the morning and time to ski together after lunch. It was a sunny day and it was a success all around. Just in time for dismissal the buses returned with a load of happy, tired students and their chaperones.
Everyone was happy with skiing at Skyloft as we had the entire hill to ourselves, and we thank them for their excellent care and service throughout the day.


Special thanks to the teachers and parents who work so hard to make ski day so special for our students every year!

JK Five Senses Festival

Posted on January 18

At the end of the Unit of Inquiry exploring the Five Senses the JK class holds a Festival, to share their learning with their parents. Our JK students move from station to station with their parents to share their knowledge and explore the five senses with their family. Smelling, seeing, touching, hearing and tasting are explored thorought the unit. The best part is the big 5 Senses Festival day when families participate with their children.

Each student makes a Five Senses hat to wear on the day of the festival; the hat demonstrates the five ways that we perceive our world.

Care & Share 2018

Posted on December 20

Our December community action is a food drive for the Teresa Group. Families contribute, students sort and package the donations and make Christmas cards for the residents of Meighan Lodge. This year our Grade Two class took many boxes of food to the Teresa Group and helped sort the donations.  Kids Can Too also hosted a toy drive and donated gently used toys to Oasis.


Holiday Concert 2018

Posted on December 18

Our students certainly sang in the winter season with enthusiasm and energy. All grades participated in an instrument piece like xylophones, recorders, bells and body percussion.  Junior and Senior Choirs entertained us with some very special music. The whole school choir sang a number of songs magnificently.

The December Concert brings the SBS community together around music. This year's selections put us in a festive mood for a wonderful holiday! Our thanks to Mr. Barkhuizen and our students for the lovely evening.

Singing for Seniors 2018

Posted on December 12

Our Grade 5 and 6 classes walked to our local retirement residence to sing some holiday songs for the residents of Meighan Lodge.  After singing for their audience, students share Christmas cards with the residents, and chat with them about their experiences, memories, and hopes for the holidays. This action is a highlight of December activities every year at SBS.

Movie Night 2018

Posted on December 10

Kids watching a movie in pyjamas, relaxing with their stuffies and sleeping bags, enjoying pizza and popcorn, and having a great time with friends on a Friday night - that is Movie Night at Sunnybrook. A super time for everyone, provided by the Sunnybrook Parents Association and their team of fearless volunteers who make movie night so special that 90 kids signed up to be there! Incredibles 2  was a great choice for the evening.

Thanks to everyone who made the night such a memorable community event.



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