Junior & Senior Kindergarten

Why do parents choose Sunnybrook for Kindergarten?

Find out why …

The first years of school should be full of delight –

the magic of learning, the thrill of mastering new skills, the joy of building friendships, the pleasure in active play outdoors, and the delight in growing independence. At Sunnybrook the early years set the foundation for a love of learning with trusted teachers, great friends, a cheerful physical environment and stimulating, captivating learning. Your child will love the educational journey at SBS beginning in JK and extending through to graduation from Sunnybrook School.

Our kindergarten program is unique –

engaging our students as we honour their inquiring minds, their curious nature, and their thirst to learn about their world. Our small classes and high student teacher ratios benefit each and every student. Children who begin school in JK or SK at Sunnybrook thrive throughout their school careers.

The IB PYP, Singapore Mathematics, and a rich literacy program begin right away for Junior Kindergarten students, making the kindergarten curriculum at SBS truly exciting for young learners. Music, phys. ed. and French, balanced with play, art and outdoor time, stimulate the imagination and enrich the experience of our youngest students. Social and emotional learning takes place throughout the day in all activities as children apply new skills and knowledge in so many ways.


beginning with recognizing and printing their names, children’s literacy skills emerge in meaningful ways, allowing for individual patterns of development and growth. Early reading and writing are fostered steadily and consistently throughout JK and SK, preparing our students for Grade One. Our students enter Grade One with solid early reading and writing skills.

Singapore Math

challenges and stimulates children to understand their world through numbers. The Singapore Mathematics Syllabus makes the math both fun and meaningful, even for our youngest learners. The Singapore Mathematics Curriculum gives a wonderful start with numeracy and with a strong focus on problem solving as well as skills development.