Everyone wants to speak more than one language. We lay a solid foundation for success in additional language learning. There are so many good reasons to learn an addition language: it is a gateway to culture, it teaches new ways of thinking and looking at things, it may offer unimagined opportunities in a child’s future, it is part of students’ Canadian heritage. The IB values multi-lingualism as an element of global citizenship and it is an required element of the PYP.

At Sunnybrook, students begin learning French in daily classes beginning in JK. French Class is a positive, enjoyable and engaging time of each learning day. Creative use of iPads and other technology in French Class enhances and enriches the learning, and maintains student engagement.

In order to maximize French learning, our Teachers use a varied approach to teaching.  Their method of second language instruction is based upon students’ own experiences to develop vocabulary and syntax. Stories and music complement this approach. Drama is used widely in our French Program, allowing students many opportunities to speak French in a variety of contexts.  Music, dance and art are integrated in each unit, and students perform plays in French.

Where appropriate, connections are made with the Program of Inquiry to enrich the learning and make connections with French. Our rich French curriculum allows our students to speak the language and prepares them for a full middle school French program.