Arts & Music

The creative gifts of children flourish when they have an outlet for artistic expression. At Sunnybrook, every student has the opportunity to realize and develop his or her own creativity to it’s fullest potential. The arts offer a gateway to understanding other cultures and perspectives in our international program.

The IB Program of Inquiry includes one unit each year that focuses on the arts, under the transdisciplinary theme ‘How We Express Ourselves’. Visual arts, music, drama and dance are ‘ways of knowing’ which expand children’s ability to show their understandings and express feelings. All the Units of Inquiry include art forms as a means of facilitating learning and understanding. Through artistic expression learning comes alive in meaningful and creative ways.

Our new art/drama studio, allows for a further expansion of learning in the visual arts and a venue for dramatic presentations.


Music is a performance art and music classes at Sunnybrook School allow all students to be music makers. As their musicianship grows, students develop musical literacy and deepen their understanding of musical concepts and ideas.

Rhythm and singing are the basis for the early years music program at Sunnybrook School, and Orff instruments are used at every level. We incorporate Dal Coze, Orff and Kadaly methods into our teaching. Rhythm instruments and recorders allow students experience with instruments.

Students are encouraged to participate collaboratively in performance opportunities, as well as take risks in solo settings. The SBS Choir offers a wonderful opportunity for students to develop their choral skills and their confidence performing.

  • The December concert is a choral event involving students from grades 1 – 6.
  • The musical is the musical highlight of the year.
  • Junior and Senior Kindergarten students give 2 concerts each year.

Our graduates leave Sunnybrook with a love of making and performing music, and have developed the skills to make the most of the band and/or strings programmes they will enjoy in middle school.

Highlights of our 2021 Winter Concert
Grade 6 performs “Call Me Maybe” on #CBCMusicClass

Music Theatre

Our spring musical is a highlight of every school year. Participation in our musical provides a grounding in theatre and production over a studentʼs six years at Sunnybrook. Past performances include:

  • Annie
  • Willie Wonka
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • Aladdin
  • Seussical

Multi-Media Visual Arts

Creative expression is a part of all Units of Inquiry. During regular art classes students use art to express and respond to their learning. During other learning times, visual media are used in many ways as students present their thinking in visual ways. Our students are exposed to a variety of media in order to help them discover new and creative ways of demonstrating their ideas.

Drama and Public Speaking

Sunnybrook students are not shy to speak and express themselves in different scenarios. We expect our students to present their ideas and experiences to their peers from the beginning of Junior Kindergarten . As they grow through the grades they have numerous opportunities to speak before assemblies, to parents, and to prospective parents. Our grade 6 students are excellent ambassadors at our Open Houses.

Kids love to perform and we make sure they have lots of opportunities. In the classroom, students often use drama to present their knowledge to the class. Our French program uses drama and plays to teach French. Acting in the French plays is a large part of our drama program. The musical is the highlight of our drama program.


Movement to music is a creative expression enjoyed by human beings throughout time. Whatever the style and the music, it is liberating to experience rhythm and music through movement. Dance as a form of expression is a part of the musical, the physical education programme and the French program.