The SBS Vision

Our vision for Sunnybrook School is threefold. In addition to the skills, knowledge and dispositions we nurture in our students we are working specifically on developing these three elements of our program:

    The IB Primary Years Program has just initiated an exciting re-imagination of the curriculum. The PYP Enhancements retain the core IB philosophy of international mindedness and inquiry based learning while putting new emphasis on student agency and individuated learning. The IB defines student agency as “the capacity to act intentionally” and give the students voice, choice, and ownership. At Sunnybrook this will mean empowering students to be more engaged in the direction of their learning and to be more able to initiate action on that learning.
    This is the process through which children acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals and relationships. We will incorporate these enhancements into the curriculum as we continue to strive to make the students learning even richer at Sunnybrook. This new initiative will complement our philosophy of Positive Discipline in the classroom.
    Recent research has shown that there is an increasing responsibility for educators to be current in teaching students digital skills in a world of rapidly changing technology.  Preparing students to be digitally literate and learn basic coding skills in something that we feel needs to be embedded into the curriculum we teach. Coding increases diversity in computer science by inspiring students to learn at their own level. Students will learn to think critically, solve problems, communicate, design, and create. The skills acquired from learning coding are powerful for all learners and will help prepare them for the future.

This vision is being further developed and curriculum is planned around these three elements.