The SBS Vision

Our vision for next five years is threefold. In addition to the skills, knowledge and dispositions we nurture in our students we are working specifically on developing these three elements of our program:

  • Visible Thinking
    The skills and interest to pursue knowledge through inquiry require a wide range of thinking skills and dispositions. In order to teach and assess critical, analytical thinking teachers use specific strategies to enable students to consider learning content in meaningful thoughtful ways. We use the 'Thinking Routines' and other techniques to develop these critical skills from an early age.
  • The Permeable Schoolhouse
    Children are always learning; learning takes place everywhere, all the time. Our vision is for our students to extend their experiences in the learning studio beyond school. We want them to pursue learning on their own time, to further explore the subject matter they encounter at school and to find new ways to express their knowledge and understandings. Our unique curriculum encourages such pursuit of learning and our 1:1 iPad program gives our students the tools. There is no limit to what they can achieve.
  • Citizenship | local, global, digital and environmental
    Character education and awareness of personal responsibility have always been important in the development of the individual. In our time of rapid change in all areas of life these attributes are more important than ever. Our curriculum includes elements that foster citizenship in all these realms. The Units of Inquiry are designed to specifically offer opportunities for students to engage with the concepts of citizenship for the environment, and local and global issues. The iPad program includes a strong digital citizenship component to guide students in developing the skills and judgement to deal with the challenges that technology will pose for them.

This vision is being further developed and curriculum is planned around these three elements.