We nurture our student’s personal and academic growth. Our goal for our students is that they become independent, knowledgeable, caring and confident learners with an understanding of their world, locally and globally. How will we achieve this for your child?

  • We will know your child, her interests, his worries, where her challenges may lie, what his strengths may be. When your child walks into school each day, every teacher will know him or her, and will care about your childʼs well being.
  • Your childʼs learning will be meaningful. We will ensure that all our students know why their learning is important, and how it is connected to their life and experience. We will make the learning enjoyable.
  • Your child will learn from highly qualified, knowledgeable and caring teachers, who will ensure that he or she acquires the skills and knowledge for a smooth transition to middle school and beyond.
  • At SBS your child will have a voice, participate in making rules and be empowered to take responsibility for self and others. Your child will have choices and be heard, as an active member of the SBS community.
  • We will involve you in your child’s learning, and make it easier to talk about school at home, through home-talk, and other means so that your children know you are a part of their learning, and the partnership with school is active and ongoing.
  • Should issues arise, you can know that the SBS team will work with you and your child to find solutions that are differentiated to meet your childʼs needs.
  • We will inspire your child to care about the world beyond the walls of our school, and to find ways to make a difference.
  • Your child will walk in the door of SBS feeling welcome, wanting to learn, and understanding the purpose of school, and will experience school days that are rich, full of wonder and a deep sense of belonging.