Meet Our Parents

Discover what SBS parents have to say about our school by watching the video playlist above. Choose from any of the videos by using the playlist navigation in the top left corner of the video window, or by clicking the thumbnails at the end of each video. Alternately, come visit us on YouTube to see these videos and many others.

Our son started at Sunnybrook in junior kindergarten and graduated from grade 6.  Sunnybrook was crucial to helping our son develop friendships, excellent work habits, a love of research, and confidence. We were really impressed with the school’s focus to teaching the kids how to work on group projects, find meaningful outcomes, resolve conflicts, and present the results to the public in all kinds of different visual and oral expression. We thank Sunnybrook for so carefully nurturing Jackson to be compassionate excited about discovery, and interested in problem–solving for the future. 

Heather Sargeant and Paul Sine