Sunnybrook has a dedicated and highly qualified faculty. We take pride in creating a nurturing and stimulating learning environment for our students.  Our qualified, talented teachers have received extensive training in the IB PYP. Our faculty is a devoted group of professionals; student learning and success are our primary motivators. Five members of our staff are members of the IB Educators Network, providing IB workshops and conducting school visits.

The SBS Leadership Team

Irene Davy, Ph.D., Director

Our Director, Irene Davy, received her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Vienna. After eight years in Austria and two years in Hamilton she returned to Toronto where she soon began to work with Mrs Hoff at Sunnybrook. Dr Davy is a parent of three grown children, all of whom are SBS Alumne. She has guided the school through many changes, including the implementation of the IB PYP and the recent addition. In 2018 Ms Brunn stepped into the role of Principal, and Dr Davy remains in a consulting capacity.

Teralee Brunn, BA, BEd., Principal

Ms Brunn has been at Sunnybrook School since 1993. During those years she has taught Grades 2, 3 and 6 and most recently, Senior Kindergarten. Ms Brunn became our Vice Principal in 1997 and is a dynamic presence in all areas of school life. She is a member of the IB Educatorʼs Network and conducts workshops for IB, specializing in Early Childhood Learning. In addition, Ms Brunn coordinates and choreographs the SBS musical production every year. In 2018 Ms Brunn became Principal of Sunnybrook School, after 6 years as full time Vice Principal and Director of Admissions.  She is the mother of two boys, both of whom are Sunnybrook Alumni.

Tanya Low, BA BEd, Vice Principal/Director of Admissions

Mrs Low joined the SBS faculty in 1998, taught Grade 2, 4 and 6. After 5 years as Curriculum Coordinator, Mrs Low became Vice Principal and Director of Admissions in 2018. She is an experienced workshop leader for IB. She is also the mother of two boys, both of whom are graduates of Sunnybrook School.

Michael Rossiter, BA, BEd, MA, Vice Principal/IB Coordinator

Mr Rossiter joined our faculty in 2002 and has been teaching our Grade 6 class ever since. Mr Rossiter has been the IB PYP Coordinator for 3 years. In 2018, he took on the role of Vice Principal, working with Ms Brunn, Mrs Low and Dr Davy to lead SBS into the future.


JKMrs Valerie Tih, BA, B ED, Dip AT
Ms Rachelle Smith, BA, BEd
SKMs Sarah Whittington, BA BEd
Ms Patricia Colomvakos, BA Hon, BEd
Grade 1Ms Elora Camplin, BA, BEd
Grade 2Mrs Sarah Power-Smith, BA, BEd
Grade 3Mr Adam Lem, BA, BEd
Grade 4Ms Jayne Hamilton, BA, BEd
Grade 5Mr Robert Corbett, BA, BEd
Grade 6Mr Michael Rossiter, BA, BEd, MA
Studio SupportMs Katherine Nguyen, BA Hon, BEd
Studio SupportMs Farah Chandani, BA Hon, BEd, MPEd Candidate
MusicMr Reese Barkhuizen, BA, MA
Phys EdMr Andrew Cyrus BA, MA
JR FrenchMlle Katrina Romanowich, BA
SR FrenchMme Samia Lahmar, BA, BEd
Teacher-LibrarianMs Jen Mactaggart, BA, BEd, MSc

Support Staff

CookAndy Coote
CustodianAndre Dowdy