After Sunnybrook

Sunnybrook students are on a continuous journey of learning from JK to grade 6, in preparation for the eventual transition to grade 7 and beyond. The many and varied aspects of school life at Sunnybrook – academics, athletics, leadership, creativity, social learning, the musical and other arts –  contribute to developing academic and personal confidence in our students. Our work with students is all in preparation for the move to the next phase of schooling in Grade Seven.

Beginning in Grade 3, as Learning Buddies with Grade 2 pupils, SBS students are exposed to opportunities to develop their leadership skills and confidence with peers and adults. These skills are being explicitly developed to prepare them for Grade 7 in a bigger school. Academically, we encourage our students to approach learning for the sake of knowing and understanding, laying the foundation for life long learning. SBS students ‘learn how to learn,’ and to love learning, allowing them to ease into new environments with confidence.

The senior years at Sunnybrook School allow our students to be the ‘big kids in a small school,’ an experience that most likely won’t be repeated again until they reach Grade 12. At Sunnybrook, our Grade 6’s have many opportunities to shine in leadership roles, for example:

  • The PYP Exhibition in Grade 6 offers them the opportunity to celebrate their learning experience across the IB Primary Years Programme
  • They serve as House Heads
  • They participate in the musical at a level that showcases the abilities and skills they have learned throughout their time at Sunnybrook
  • They serve as ambassadors of the school, and guide tours for interested new families
  • They help out with various aspects of school activities, taking responsibility for school life in various ways, such as leading assemblies, Arts Studio set-up and IT, lunch supervision with younger classes
  • Their final outstanding moment is the Grade 6 Graduation, where each graduate gives a speech.

We take an active role in helping parents with the search for a new school and with their transition after Sunnybrook. This assistance consists of meetings with parents, as well as interview and test preparation for students. We assist families with individualized guidance every step of the way.