About SBS

You want your child to become well rounded, independent, happy and healthy in mind, body and spirit. Strong academics, nourishment of your child’s physical and emotional needs as well as active nurturing of creative and social development; these are the goals of Sunnybrook School. Each child is encouraged to learn and grow in an atmosphere of affection and mutual respect.

Project Based Learning and Skills For the Future

We know our children are growing into a world of rapid change. This means that together with the traditional skills of literacy and numeracy our students must learn skills for the future. These include:

  • Global awareness and environmental literacy
  • Citizenship (local, global, digital)
  • Project based learning
  • Social and Emotional Learning
  • Mental Health and Well being
  • Critical thinking skills (analysis, perspective thinking, metacognition)
  • Agency and Ownership of learning
  • Communication skills (presentation, writing, multi-media, multi-lingulaism)
  • Collaboration skills
  • Creativity in multiple areas
  • Information literacy, media awareness
  • Learning how to learn
  • Independence, responsibility, initiative, flexibility, resilience

How will your child benefit from Sunnybrook School?

  • Over 65 Years educating North Toronto children
  • Inspiring and caring teachers
  • IB Primary Years Program
  • Co-ed environment nurturing boys and girls learning
  • Small class size in bright learning studios
  • Singapore Math
  • Large playground for active children
  • Full phys. ed. and sports program
  • Active parent community
  • Meaningful communication between parents and school
  • Enriched Kindergarten program
  • Leadership opportunities for senior students
  • Exciting, creative Arts Program
  • Flexible After Care Program
  • Nutritious hot lunches included in tuition
  • 100% of our students attend a school of their choice in Grade 7