Book Character Day

Our SPA sponsored FUN FRIDAY and PIZZA today! The students had the opportunity to dress up as their favourite literary character. There were many Harry Potters, The Big Bad Wolf, Ms Frizzle, Captain Underpants and lots of Elsa’s!! The perfect way to end the snowy week.

Back to In-Person Learning

Today the students are physically back inside SBS!! We are all happy to be together again, though Mother Nature played a trick on us and sent us 20 cm of snow. What a way to start the week.

Fort Day

All students and teachers built forts today to celebrate the last day of remote learning. Some very creative forts were built out of blankets, parachutes, chairs, tables, desks, and tents. Everyone had fun zooming in from their fort!

Habitat for Humanity

Andrea Hembruff joined the Gr 4-6 class to speak of her experience with Habitat for Humanity. Two years ago she gave birth to a daughter with special needs. They struggle to make bill payments and the cost of living, especially now with all the extra expenses. They were just approved for a home through HFH. The GR 4-6 students are writing poems of “What Home Is” and entering a contest – each entry received, $10 is donated to Habitat for Humanity. We thank Andrea for coming and inspiring our creative writers.

Yearbook Covers

Every year the students have an opportunity to create the cover for the Sunnybrook SUNRISE yearbook. This week, students submitted their covers to be judged by the teachers. One will be selected and the winner is revealed in June. The picture above is the yearbook cover from 2020.

Learning from Home

The JK class is learning all about math shapes from home. They need to know their shapes, cut, glue and write the number.

Remote Learning 2021

This week our students started the term Remote Learning! We will be taking all of our lessons on Zoom. Hopefully we can be back in the classroom soon.

Gingerbread Houses 2020

Since the students have worked so hard this term with wearing their masks, sanitizing their hands, physically distancing and following protocols, the Parents Association gave each child in the school a gingerbread house to decorate over the Winter Break. Thank you for spreading joy and happiness to our families!!

Royal Canadian Legion Contest 2020

The Royal Canadian Legion sponsors an annual poster, essay and literary contest to foster the tradition of remembrance among Canadians. In November, 35 of our students entered The Royal Canadian Legion Contest and out of 130 submissions, SBS had 9 winners (4 firsts) this year. The winners received their certificates and money prizes last week. We congratulate our winners.


Senior Christmas Cards 2020

Our December community action is to make Christmas cards for the senior residents of Meighen Lodge. This year we just dropped the cards off as we were no allowed to visit. We hope they are safe and healthy.