Lost and Found

This month signifies the yearly anniversary of the COVID pandemic. Every student at SBS wrote a reflection piece about what they LOST and what they FOUND during the year long pandemic. They were very touching to read and here is a poem written by a Grade 6 student.

Lost and Found

Pandemic seemed never ending,
Always seeming to go on longer,
Pandemic life is now blending,
Only texts are now sending,
Physical connection there is no more,
As I watch through a screen in my home,
There is no more hugging galore,
I feel sad and lonely and bored,
Oh but the things I learn,
Animation and digital art,
Sports I was dis-concerned,
But art I returned,
Minecraft came back for sure,
Hours on top of hours,
My friends and I said Bonjour,
On zoom I was lured,
I missed being with my friends,
Not seeing anyone without masks,
Going to Aftercare depends,
On the amount of people sick in beds,
I’m tech-savvy now,
Able to make anything work,
Cheer for me I’ll take a bow,
I am so amazing, wow!
These are all the things I’ve learned,
For better or for worse,
Even though Covid is bad,
I’m sure it’s not a curse.

St. Patrick’s Day

Usually, we are on March Break for St. Patrick’s Day but this year we were able to celebrate the special day at school! Every class was full of green and full of spirit!

Sand Mandalas

During the Art and Religion Unit, the Grade 6 students made Sand Mandalas which is a Tibetan Buddhist tradition involving the creation and destruction of mandalas made from coloured sand. A sand mandala is dismantled to symbolize that life is not permanent. The sand is placed in a jar and then released back into nature.