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May news

Posted on May 3

May brings a whirlwind to Sunnybrook each year that keeps us quite breathless. It starts with Fun Fair, and so many parents working to create a magical experience for SBS students. Our thanks to all of you for signing up to make Fun Fair such a memorable day.
And of course, May is also show month at SBS. The musical transforms our school into a hive of theatrical activity. Rotations have begun - the days when students move from one station to the next, making programs and props, learning choreography, rehearsing songs, and learning their movements. We couldn’t do it without the parents who come and help create the sets and props that make the musical come alive, and our amazing teachers who work with everyone to keep us on track, and ensure that each rotation flows in a constructive and fun way.
Every year we are fascinated to see our students’ engagement during rotations. The musical is a different vehicle for developing skills and interests, and often we see students shine in unexpected ways. So many of our younger students show us a different side of themselves, and our senior students demonstrate leadership in many small ways. The level of cooperation, interest and focus is truly remarkable. We are so very proud of the tremendous dedication our students put into this great event. I can’t wait for opening night!
As we enjoy better weather, springtime games on the playground, outdoor field trips and everything else May offers, these two great community events will bring us all together. See you Saturday at the Fair!


Josh Matlow visits SK

Posted on April 18

Senior Kindergarten loves the Parks and Playgrounds unit; while enjoying local playgrounds they learn about how our community makes decisions.

Today Councillor Josh Matlow visited the class to share his knowledge, and tell us about plans for new parks as well as park improvements in our neighbourhood. It was a great experience for the kids. Our thanks to Josh for making the time in his busy schedule to visit our school and enriching the learning for our students.

2017 SBS Geography Challenge

Posted on April 13

Each year SBS invites schools to participate in our Geography Challenge. We welcomed the York School and Royal St Georges College to our school this year for a lively test of geographic knowledge.

We congratulate THE YORK SCHOOL on their success in winning the challenge this year.

GR 3 French Play | Annie!

Posted on April 7

Our GR 3 presented Annie to an enthusiastic audience on Wednesday morning. The singing and acting was superb. Our actors performed their roles and brought the story of Annie to life beautifully in French. Congratulations Grade Three!

SPA Speaker Night

Posted on April 7

On Tuesday our Arts Studio was transformed into a café for an interesting evening about Mindful Parenting. After the presentation, parents enjoyed some wonderful refreshments and great conversations with the speakers, our staff, and other parents. Our thanks to the SPA for facilitating this lovely evening for our community.

JK/SK Carpentry

Posted on March 31

Our JK class is in the middle of their Toy Unit, and a highlight of the learning is doing carpentry work to make a toy. Together with the SK class and several parents, Jk hammered and worked away until they had created their very own toy!

IBSO Round Table

Posted on March 31

Sunnbyrook School is a member of IBSO (IB Schools of Ontario). IBSO represents a dynamic group of Ontario IB schools, and provides a forum for professional development, collegial sharing, and promotion of IB in Ontario. The PYP group hosts Round Table events throughout the year to allow teachers to share best practices and learn from each other.

Sunnybrook hosted a Music Round Table on March 30. Teachers explored ideas about integrating the elements of the PYP into their Music programs, developing Scope and Sequence documents for curriculum development, and more as they shared their experiences during a great day of learning.

Thanks to Ms Berthiaume and Mr Rossiter for planning and preparing a wonderful day for our IBSO PYP colleagues!

GR 6 Author Visit

Posted on March 31

Our Parent Association sponsors author visits for our students. This week Deborah Ellis, Author of The Breadwinner series visited our GR 6 class. They have been studying Parvanna's Journey and were fascinated to hear Doborah Ellis speak about her experiences with Afghani children. It is a sobering while also inspiring to hear her speak about her experiences in Bolivia, the Middle East and Afghanistan. Our students had some very probing questions for her as they tried to understand their role in a changing world.

Our thanks to the SPA for mking this event possible, and to Deborah Ellis for returning to share her wisdom with our students.


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